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The Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association (FYHA) is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, advancement, and enjoyment of youth hockey in the Flagstaff, Arizona area.

FYHA is an affiliate of Arizona Amateur Hockey Association (AAHA), the governing body for the State of Arizona and who is in turn affiliated with USA Hockey  who is the governing body for Amateur Hockey in the US.

In conjunction with and governed by the By-laws, Playing Rules & Policies of those organization, we develop programs, based on our Core Values, that provide a safe, enjoyable, and challenging hockey experience to all who want to participate in the great sport of hockey.

FYHA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin or religious affiliations and seeks to place participants (boys and girls) with similar desires and judged abilities together on teams or in similar groups to maximize enjoyment for all participants.


FYHA embraces and promotes the Core Values set forth by USA Hockey:

A.    SPORTSMANSHIP – Foremost of all values is to learn a sense of fair play. Become humble in victory, gracious in defeat. We will foster friendship with teammates and opponents alike.
B.    RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL – Treat all others as you expect to be treated.
C.    INTEGRITY – We seek to foster honesty and fair play beyond mere strict interpretation of the rules and regulations of the game.
D.    PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AT THE INDIVIDUAL, TEAM, AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEVELS – Each member of the organization, whether player, volunteer or staff, should seek to perform each aspect of the game to the highest level of his or her ability.
E.    ENJOYMENT – It is important for the hockey experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for all participants.
F.    LOYALTY – We aspire to teach loyalty to the ideals and fellow members of the sport of hockey.
G.    TEAMWORK – We value the strength of learning to work together. The use of teamwork is reinforced and rewarded by success in the hockey experience.

Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association (FYHA)


214 E Birch Ave

Flagstaff, AZ     86001

2023-24 Officers

Travis Joralmon

PRESIDENT (VOTING DIRECTOR) (term expires 4/2026)

Gina Nabours

TREASURER (VOTING DIRECTOR) (term expires 4/2026)

Brad Mihalik

VICE-PRESIDENT (VOTING DIRECTOR) (term expires 4/2026)

Kristi Kolek

SECRETARY (VOTING DIRECTOR) (term expires 4/2025)

Contact the FYHA Treasurer for support making immediate payments (eg online orders, tournament registration, etc)


Travis Joralmon

VOTING DIRECTOR (President) (term expires 4/2026)

Travis Johanson

VOTING DIRECTOR (Coach Coordinator) (term expires 4/2025)

Gina Nabours

VOTIING DIRECTOR (Treasurer) (term expires 4/2026)

Mike Darby

VOTING DIRECTOR (term expires 4/2026)

Brad Mihalik

VOTING DIRECTOR (Vice-President/ice Allocator) (term expires 4/2026)

Chris Whitney

VOTING DIRECTOR (Equipment Manager) (term expires 4/2025)

Kristi Kolek

VOTING DIRECTOR (Secretary) (term expires 4/2025)


Travis Joralmon


Travis Johanson

COACHING COORDINATOR (term expires at the call of the Board)

Paul Barton

FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR (term expires at the call of the Board)

Kris Walsh

ADM COORDINATOR (term expires as the call of the Board)

Brad Mihalik

ICE COORDINATOR (term expires as the call of the Board)

Chris Whitney

EQUIPMENT MANAGER (term expires at the call of the Board)

Kristi Kolek

WEBMASTER/SOCIAL MEDIA (term expires at the call of Board)

Charles Knotts

REGISTRAR / ADMINISTRATOR / BOOKKEEPER (term expires at the call of the Board)

Submit all invoices for payments to the FYHA Administrator at