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Jay Lively

By Registrar 12/08/2020, 6:30pm MST


Great news for youth hockey! Although the City of Flagstaff is moving most of its facilities back to Tier 2 of their COVID re-entry plan, the Jay Lively Activity center was given permission to REMAIN OPEN due to the hard work of rink staff and the diligence paid to safety by rink user groups. FYHA has done a good job following the protocols in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Good Job FYHA players and coaches!

FYHA will start our club program in January in addition to the travel program. This seems like a good time to remind players and parents of the protocols in place at the Jay Lively rink.

City of Flagstaff (Jay Lively) re-opening requirements (TIER I)


·        Masks always required in the building

·        Social distancing in all areas of the building

·        20 participants at a time (this includes players and coaches)

·        No Spectators (parents will not be allowed in the building)

·        Do not arrive more than 20 minutes before practice. After practice please no lingering.

·        Participant temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building

·        No locker rooms- participants need to come dressed in all gear (except skates). There will be limited area in the lobby to put on and take off skates. Parents of younger kids (6u/8u) will be allowed in briefly to help kids get skates on. If you have skate guards you can come dressed and ready in skates!

·        Please bring your own water bottle that is clearly marked- No sharing

·        If you have symptoms or have been around someone that has please do not come to practice.


Let’s follow the rules and do our part to keep the rink open. As always if you have any questions please reach out to the registrar ( or FYHA’s Covid contact Brad Mihalik ( .